7 Paths to Climbing the Running Back Depth Chart

What did 2017 teach us about how running backs climb the ladder to earn opportunity?

The NFL Draft begins Thursday, serving as the unofficial kickoff of the 2018 fantasy football season.

After an active period of free agency, the draft is the last major opportunity for teams to significantly upgrade their rosters. Some teams will be in the market for franchise quarterbacks and flashy pass-catchers. Others will attempt to beef up their run game by investing in the offensive line or at running back. Some will seek out a disruptive defensive playmaker.

Regardless of the vision each club enacts on draft day, each roster becomes much clearer after the weekend’s festivities conclude. In just a few days, we'll have a large portion of the data we need to develop projections and predictions for the 2018 season with some degree of confidence. For the most part, we'll know which players are competing for which jobs across the NFL.