Which Quarterbacks Threw Deep Least Often in 2017?

Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys' offense took a step backward in 2017, and part of it may have been due to the lack of a vertical passing game. Which other quarterbacks rarely went deep?

Last week, we ran through which quarterbacks threw deep most often during the 2017 season. It included a guy who broke out in Carson Wentz, another who was better than perception in Jameis Winston, and Russell Wilson, who led the league in fantasy scoring.

This week? Those good vibes be gone. We're peeping the opposite end of the spectrum, and all of you deep-ball-loving fiends will be left screaming at your devices. You are not alone.

As discussed in that other piece, deep balls are the key to unlocking an offense's potential. Every throw that travels at least 16 yards beyond the line of scrimmage is worth 0.42 Passing Net Expected Points (NEP) on average, according to numberFire's metrics. A shorter pass adds just 0.14 Passing NEP. Sure, there's increased risk of incompletions and interceptions, but the data says it's still worth it to give that puppy a heave.

If you want to make up ground or score points in a hurry, deep balls are critical for an offense. That means when we look at those who threw deep least often, they were holding their offense short of what they possibly could have achieved. If they can flip this script in 2018, then the fantasy values of pieces tied to this offense could go up. If not, that capped ceiling will still be there, leaving plenty to be desired.

With that said, which quarterbacks threw deep least often in 2017? Let's check it out.