4 DraftKings Bargains for Wild Card Weekend

Which value options can let us pay up for the studs this week on DraftKings?

Not only does this Saturday mark the beginning of postseason football, but it's also a week in which the studs we can normally count on in fantasy (Todd Gurley, for example) are priced at a premium. Bargains and cheaper players will have to be counted on in order to squeeze in the cream of the crop.

And admittedly, it's hard in these (Wild Card) streets. DraftKings has arguably laid out the tightest pricing of the season and done so with few bargains to have confidence in. Even so, there are some who are at the very least seeing consistent volume in recent weeks. And that's who we need to focus on.

So, let's get to it and delve deep into the DraftKings bargain bin by looking at skill positions priced relatively cheaper than those in similar (or, in some cases, worse) matchups.