3 Bold NFL Predictions for Week 12

Bold predictions can be challenging. Week 11's bold predictions all seemed possible, but look laughable in retrospect.

To review:

Jared Cook did not outscore Travis Kelce, as the Oakland Raiders were throttled in Mexico City. Cook caught just 2 passes for 36 yards while Kelce caught 8 for 109 yards -- although Kelce became the first tight end facing the New York Giants this season to not score a touchdown.

Leonard Fournette didn't appear limited, finishing inside the top-36 despite myriad pre-game factors pointing to the contrary. He carried the ball 28 times for 111 yards, adding another 2 catches for 7 yards through the air.

DeVante Parker bombed and wasn't a top-5 receiver. Even though he was targeted 9 times, he caught only 4 passes for 26 yards.

Let's get into this week's prognostications.