5 Stars Who Could Flop in the Fantasy Football Playoffs

DeAndre Hopkins has been a beast this year, but things don't look so great for him during the fantasy postseason. Which other stars could sink your season-long teams?

If you've played fantasy football for more than one season, you know that come playoff time, there is always a huge debate over what to do when one of your stud players has a tragic matchup. Do you take a quick peak at your bench just to envision what life looks like on the other side? Or do you "dance with who brought you," as the old saying goes.

The fact is, winning a championship certainly has a lot to do with the strength of your roster, but it also has to do with avoiding landmine matchups in the fantasy playoffs. Elite players certainly have the ability to produce against imposing competition, but it's certainly better to know your star wide receiver is playing the Oakland Raiders or Cleveland Browns than the Jacksonville Jaguars

In Week 15 of the 2016 season, Tom Brady cost a lot of people a shot at their championship game after producing no touchdowns and just 188 passing yards in a low-scoring contest with the dominant Denver Broncos' pass defense.

The week before, in the first round of the fantasy postseason, Marcus Mariota finished with just 116 total yards and no touchdowns against that same defense.

Yet, even if your star players don't completely collapse, a difficult matchup can certainly depress the potential likelihood of a big performance, which can also be costly. So as we look toward the 2017 fantasy playoffs, who are the stud players we should be concerned about?