Week 6 Fantasy Football Market Share Report: Adrian Peterson's Rebirth

When playing fantasy football, we can be a lot of things. Stubborn is not one of them.

With every game that goes by, we get more data on each and every team and player across the league. The sample size of a full season is just 16 games, so each contest is 6.25% of our yearly sample. That forces us into some rapid-fire decision-making where we can't just "wait and see."

We can't afford to be bullheaded on anything. You do need to keep your convictions, and we shouldn't overlook a process that led us to our conclusions, but opinions should change early and often. If not, another 6.25% of the season will go by before we grasp how things stand in their current state.

Week 6 was not a fun one for those of us who are normally stubborn. And it means we've got to reevaluate some things entering Week 7.

Which players are potentially forcing us to change our views of them? We can get a good grip on this using numberFire's daily fantasy tools, which are available to all premium subscribers. These give you a look at each player's rushing, receiving, and red-zone market shares over the past one, three, or five games along with the full season. This can give us a glimpse at which guys are getting more usage now than they were before, allowing us to ask ourselves whether or not it's time for a perception adjustment.

Which of these market shares were most noteworthy in Week 6? Let's check it out, starting with the running backs.