5 Daily Fantasy Football Matchups to Exploit in Week 6

Every time that I leave the house, I have to have a death grip on my keys. If I'm not white-knuckling those suckers, I ain't going nowhere.

This isn't due to some bad past experience or anything. I am just cripplingly afraid of locking myself out even though it has not happened once in my years on this planet.

Although I actively avoid leaving the house when possible, the sample on my leaving without locking myself out is still pretty robust. So, why, then, do I have such a big paranoia?

Part of it's because the ramifications of getting locked out are fairly significant, so I understand it from that perspective. If I can't get back inside, I'll never know if Malcolm and Nurys are a perfect match on Are You The One. But with the historical odds saying it's unlikely I'll forget my keys, the fear seems a bit irrational.

We all have quirks like this, fears that force us to potentially perform in a suboptimal nature even though we don't have to. It translates over into our decisions for daily fantasy football, too.

Take, for example, the way we handle quarterbacks who are heavily favored. The fear there could be that the heavy spread would allow the team to go with a run-heavy approach, cutting into the quarterback's volume. Sure, that certainly happens, but how do you think they got a big lead in the first place, allowing them to run the ball and milk that clock? The quarterback likely had a hand in that path.

These are the types of fears we need to try to avoid when filling out lineups. Sure, it's possible that the team just pretends passing isn't an option (hello, Jacksonville Jaguars), and the downside is real with your hard-earned money being on the line. But more often than not, things are going to turn out all right if you just trust yourself and plug in guys with plus matchups. Using analytics can help you get over those fears.

With that in mind, let's take a look at some matchups we can exploit in Week 6, even if it means overcoming some of our biggest concerns in DFS. Which offenses do we need to target for the main slate? Let's check it out.