Fantasy Football Week 4 Market Share Report: Here Comes Dez Bryant

Follow the money.

Fantasy football may not be as important as Watergate, but the big principle from All the President's Men will still crop in our world of fake sports. If you want to know what a team is going to do, follow the money.

While finances are part of that, "the money" here has a bit of a broader definition, as well. It means looking at the decisions they make when those decisions carry their most importance. It could be about money or draft capital invested, but all actions -- making a healthy player inactive or giving touches to one person over another, for example -- are more likely to lead us to the correct outcome than by putting too much stock in what a team, coach, or reporter says.

We're going to have to put that thought process to work in Week 5. We saw a few more injuries to important players this past slate of games, and it means we're going to have to do our best impressions of Woodward and Bernstein. In order to know which players will see the most opportunity going forward, we need to follow the money.

Let's try to do that now by looking back at the usages for certain players in Week 4. Premium members can get a big hand in this department with numberFire's daily fantasy tools. They allow us to see each player's rushing, receiving, and red-zone market shares over the past one, three, or five games. This way, you can see which players the coaches are trusting each week, allowing us to see where that proverbial money is going.

Which players had noteworthy usage in Week 4? Let's check it out, starting with the running backs.