Fantasy Football Week 2 Market Share Report: Chris Hogan's New Role

Do you hear that sound? Can you feel that breeze? That, my friends, is a collective fantasy nation exhaling, having finally gotten some clarity into muddy situations in Week 2.

When Week 1 wrapped up, we were still one big, collective shrug emoji in certain spots, left trying to guess who would get the ball and where. Now that we've got an additional week of data, things are starting to crystalize, allowing us to act on what we've seen.

But what exactly have we seen thus far, and how can we apply it to future NFL DFS lineups? That's what brings us here today.

We'll be going through the rushing, receiving, and red-zone market shares from Week 2 to see what information we can glean in each situation. You can also check these out for yourself, using numberFire's premium DFS tools. There, premium members can see rushing, receiving, and red-zone market shares for players over the past one, three, or five games. As the season goes along, you'll be able to leverage these tools into seeing which guys are trending up while others fade into the distance.

Week 2 gave us some answers to these questions that we can try to exploit from the jump. So, which players had impactful usages in the second week of the season? Let's check it out.