Fantasy Football: 5 Teams With Major Offensive-Line Concerns Entering 2017

The Baltimore Ravens have been swimming in injuries during the 2017 preseason and training camp with the offensive line losing multiple contributors. What effect does this have on the fantasy stock of their skill-position players?

The Minnesota Vikings' offensive line was a trainwreck last year. Within the first five games, they had lost three supposed starters on the offensive line, forcing them to use a patchwork unit across the board. And this had a huge effect on the fantasy outlook of their skill-position guys.

Adrian Peterson was ineffective before an injury landed him on the shelf, and the issues up front prevented anyone from filling that void.

On top of that, Sam Bradford was a skilled version of a crash-test dummy. Offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur had to build the offense around short, quick passes because failure to do so would be a human rights violation against his quarterback. Bradford was still effective, but such an offense does put a cap on the upside for individual players.

This was not an ideal situation for fantasy. The guys up front have the ability to sink (or elevate) an entire offensive unit, and it would be ill-advised to ignore warning signs of trouble.

The regular season may not be here yet, but those same warning signs are already popping up with other teams.

It's not just skill-position players who sustain injuries in camp and preseason games. It happens to offensive linemen, as well, even though they don't get nearly the same publicity. This means we need to do our best to keep up with which teams are inching closer to that danger zone as the season approaches.

So, which teams have already seen some impact injuries that we need to note heading into fantasy drafts? Let's check out five of them here.