The 10 Most One-Sided Trades in Recent NFL History

Remember when the Seattle Seahawks stole Matt Hasselbeck from the Green Bay Packers? Which other NFL teams have pulled huge heists...and which got clowned?

The National Football League is chock-full of smart front office folk, and that's why we seldom see one team totally obliterate another in exchanging players and draft picks.

That said, there are usually a couple of fleecings each year, as witnessed by the below thefts, of which any and all mockery is warranted, if not encouraged.

The question is, how do we determine which of these deals were the most imbalanced?

The answer lies with Pro Football Reference's Trade Finder tool, which includes 1,226 total records dating back to the 1994 season. Of all that data, only 756 (61.7%) entries have approximate values attached to both sides of the transaction.

If you're wondering what this approximate value (AV) is, you can read all about it here. In a nutshell, it's a single number meant to represent a player's single-season production, which enables us to compare seasons across positions, years and eras. It serves a good measuring stick for overall value, and can be used to calculate a player's total approximate value for their career.

This last feature is what we used to determine the most one-sided trades of the last 23 seasons. So let's enjoy the best of the worst.