Ranking All 20 Seasons of Brett Favre's NFL Career

From 1995 to 1997, Favre won three straight MVP awards. Of those, which was his finest year in the league?

Alongside five others, Brett Favre was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in August of 2016. Ultimately, he was enshrined as a football player and quarterback, but the Mississippi boy was much more than that.

Favre was a product of Southern Miss and a Green Bay Packer. He was an iron man and gunslinger by trade, finishing his career as a Super Bowl champion and three-time league MVP.

But of these three MVP seasons, which was Favre's best?

For the answer, we look to Pro Football Reference's approximate value (AV), a metric which attempts to place a single number on each and every player season since 1960. The point is to compare seasons across years and positions, but we can also use it to compare and contrast numerous seasons for a single player. That's what we'll do here in order to sort Favre's 20 seasons, all the way from 20 to 1.

To avoid ties (because there are quite a few), we'll utilize Pro Football Reference's adjusted net yards per passing attempt (ANY/A), a figure which adjusts for touchdowns, interceptions as well as sacks and sack yards. In short, the higher the ANY/A the better the comparable season.

With that in mind, take your best guess at which season wins out and follow along to see how well you know your Favre years.