Keep Your Eyes on These 7 Undrafted NFL Rookies

Arizona Cardinals receiver Ricky Seals-Jones is one of the under-the-radar NFL prospects who could be an interesting deep sleeper for your fantasy teams.

My fiancée teaches English as a second language, and listening to her describe her work has reminded me just how tough it is to learn the language. English is complex to pronounce, it’s tough to spell, and, yet more problematically, it relies heavily on the use of idioms -- phrases that mean something other than their literal meaning.

To explain something unexpected, for instance, we say, "It came out of left field,” or “It came out of the blue," or, "It came out of thin air.” Overcoming expectations means conquering something, “Against all odds.”

These expressions perfectly describe unheralded rookies who tumble out of the NFL Draft every spring, but surprise us by having successful seasons and/or careers, e.g., Kurt Warner, Wes Welker, Warren Moon, Tony Romo, Antonio Gates, the list goes on.

Here are seven undrafted players from the 2017 class who might evolve into useful fantasy options.