The 10 Best Players From Each NFL Team

Who are the best players to ever don your team's colors?

For the most part, we all love our hometown teams. They're our pride and joy. They're part of our city. They're what brings us together.

Sometimes, though, arguments surface about them. One of the common arguments is which player is better than the one who came before? Is he?

Another comes up when we're talking the best players in the history of your favorite team, or the ring of honor, if you will. There's been some interesting debates over the years. Perhaps they go on and on because there hasn't always been a way to compare them head-to-head, statistically or otherwise. Players either manned different positions or played under different rules in a different era.

Nowadays, that doesn't matter. Pro Football Reference has their approximate value (AV) metric, which puts a single number on each player season back to 1960. The point is to compare those numbers (and their corresponding seasons) across eras and positions. The same can be said for career approximate value (CarAV), which was derived from the same process, only expanding it to compare complete careers over seasons.

Using CarAV, we can rank the 10 best players for each of the NFL's 32 franchises today -- and that's what we did.

Who tops your team's list?