The 5 NFL Teams That Declined Most in 2016

Which teams took the biggest step back in 2016 based on our advanced analytics?

The NFL is a tricky sea to navigate at times.

If a team performs over its head by winning tight games and finishing high in the division during a certain season, they'll get matched with tougher opponents the following year. If they can't solidify the improvement, the tougher schedule can lead to a disappointing season.

With all of that being said, expectations for each team differ depending on who you ask. Some might see a given squad as a Super Bowl threat. Others might see it as a 4-12 campaign waiting to happen.

To help us with this, we can see how teams fared compared to their 2015 versions by using our nERD metric, which indicates the expected point differential for a team against a league-average opponent on a neutral field.

If a team posts a nERD of 3.00, they'd be expected to beat an average team (with a nERD of 0.00) by a field goal at a neutral site.

By comparing nERD scores, we can see which teams declined the most in the 2016 season relative to where they were last season.

Who made the unfortunate list?