The 20 Best NFL Passing Seasons in the Last 25 Years

Among so many quarterback greats, who's had the best season?

A lot of things happen throughout the course of our lives. We graduate, get jobs, get married and have kids. One thing we probably don't think about are how many great quarterback seasons there have been over the course of our time on this Earth.

But now's your chance.

With 25 years of my life in the rearview mirror, instead of discussing past relationships, it has come time to reflect on all the outstanding passing seasons that have come and gone. And, back to 1992, there have been quite a few. How do we decide which are the best?

First and foremost, as a qualifier, the player has to have attempted at least 400 passes, or 25 per game over 16 contests. Why? Because we can't fall victim to high efficiency on low volume.

So, there's the volume. What about the efficiency? That's where adjusted net yards per attempt (ANY/A) comes into play. This metric is derived from net yards per pass attempt, which is pass yards minus sack yards divided by pass attempts plus sacks. It goes a step further by accounting for sacks, but also touchdowns and interceptions.

Ranked by this very measure, here are the top 20 passing seasons in the last 25 years.