Fantasy Football: 5 Wide Receivers Who Drastically Outperformed Their 2016 Preseason Rankings

These wideouts failed to crack the top 200 on most preseason lists - and in some cases, the top 300 - but they all easily finished in the top 100 in PPR leagues.

If you look back at the top 100 scorers of the fantasy football season, you're bound to find some wide receivers who hardly earned any mention way back in the preseason.

You also might be surprised at how many didn't even get selected on draft day, but it happens every year.

Since the NFL continues to be a passing league -- quarterbacks scored a combined 7,993 fantasy points, the second most in history -- it's inevitable that some relative unknown pass-catchers will emerge as relevant fantasy contributors.

When comparing preseason rankings of five popular fantasy football sites -- ESPN, Yahoo,, Fox Sports and CBS Sports -- there are five wide receivers that were hard to find since they were outside the top 200, but made themselves into household names throughout 2016.