Re-Drafting the 2000 NFL Draft Using Advanced Analytics

We all know Tom Brady would be number one. But by how much?

Sometimes, drafts (or at least the top 10 spots) are predictable. Sometimes, drafts are even predictable after the fact -- as in you know who should've been selected where and over whom. Others aren't so clear.

In the 2000 NFL draft, the top 10 picks were fairly obvious, for one reason or another. They were clear star talents and valuable parts of highly successful college programs. The rest of the draft was fairly odd.

What was so out of place? And what would be different if we were to give teams a re-do today?

In using Pro Football Reference's career approximate value (CarAV) metric -- a single number put on a player's career to compare across years and positions, that at the same weights peak seasons more than "compiler"-type seasons -- the following will help to answer those questions. (To read more on CarAv and how it is computed, visit the glossary page.)

It's been 16 years. Let's go on a trip back in time.