The 10 Best NFL Teams to Not Win a Super Bowl Since 2000

Which teams have fallen short of both expectations and the final prize?

The 2016 NFL Playoffs are set to get underway this weekend, and with that, we will watch the best teams in the league go toe-to-toe for the Lombardi trophy.

Over the years, though, the best regular season team hasn't always played like the best team in the playoffs. Quite a few have come up short despite otherwise great seasons.

Which teams have been the best, only to fall flat on their faces in the postseason? And how do we decide who those are?

We do so by sorting through our nERD metric -- the number of points we'd expect that team to win by against an average squad on a neutral field. When looking all the way back to 2000, there are 10 teams that stick out the most.

Preceded by a short list of teams also worthy of mention, here are the top 10, ranked from 10 to 1 by their nERD score.