Market Share Report: Ty Montgomery's Stock Is Rising

After an illness sidetracked him for part of the year, Ty Montgomery seems to have regained a major role in the Green Bay Packers' offense. Which other players' usage do we need to note from Week 14?

We're now 14 weeks into the NFL season. By this point, you'd assume teams would have everything all sorted out, and each player's role would be set in tidy stone for the dissecting. They know who these dudes are by now, so why wouldn't it work that way?

Nah, fam. Things be changing just as quickly now as they did earlier in the year, and it's having an equivalent impact on our fantasy destinies.

Whether it's season-long or DFS, paying attention this late in the game will give you a leg up over the other owners who have mailed it in and assumed the status quo would hold the rest of the way. In a way, that may make these recent developments even more important than those that happen early on. If you've got information they don't, that'll only make your decision-making that much sharper relative to the field.

This is where numberFire's new DFS tools can lend a hand. They can help you track fluctuations in carry market shares, target market shares, and red-zone market shares over the past one, three, and five games to see whose role is morphing in a way that could have major fantasy implications.

Let's check out each of those three major categories to see what changed in Week 14 that we need to know for the stretch run.