Market Share Report: Cameron Meredith Isn't Going Away

With shifts in offensive coordinators, coaching philosophies, and starting quarterbacks, changes abounded in Week 6. Which could have the biggest impact on fantasy football?

History will remember the phrase "Change We Can Believe In" as the presidential campaign slogan for some young fella named Barack Obama back in 2008. But history didn't play fantasy football in Week 6.

Changes in the NFL happen all of the time. It's the nature of a game where the most robust sample is just 16 games. This forces us to take a step back when we notice a fluctuation to ask ourselves, "Is this sustainable?" Sometimes, the answer will be no. But if there were a reason to expect a shift, and that shift occurs, then we should be buying in right away.

We saw a lot of this over the weekend. Whether it was a change in offensive coordinator, a coach saying he would be going a different direction, or a new starting quarterback, there were plenty of reasons to expect different usages than we had been seeing earlier in the year. A lot of those came in a big way in Week 6. This is change we can believe in.

If you're a premium subscriber, you can track these changes yourself using our new daily fantasy trends tools, which are also helpful for season-long players. There, you can check shifts in carry market shares, target market shares, and red-zone market shares to see who's getting the most volume and who's value is changing.

Let's take a broad look at each of these categories to break down some of the biggest takeaways from Week 6.