Plugging the Gaps: IDP Waiver Wire for Week 4

Avery Williamson has a high floor for production this week against the fairly balanced Houston Texans.

Reaching your mid-20’s apparently means that all of your friends (and, occasionally, you yourself) start to get married. Your refrigerator -- formerly covered in food delivery menus -- begins to accumulate “Save the Dates” seemingly by the hundreds. Your suit, which you wore in college mostly for holidays and the occasional classy party, now needs to get tailored and girded for the long season of matrimony ceremonies you will be attending.

Marriage is coming.

In fantasy football, we often become easily wedded to a plan when we go into the season, but those plans rapidly fall apart when the wear-and-tear of in-season performance challenges them. We want to create strong but flexible bonds between you and your Individual Defensive Player (IDP) teams in fantasy football, so that in any week you can know which players will help push your lineup over the hump.

In Plugging the Gaps, we help you find and lock in the right fits for your fantasy future. We pick apart the best matchups for the week with players almost certain to be on your waiver wire; that’s right, we’re like the Hitch of IDP fantasy football. Which defensive options should you say “I do” to this week?

Which IDP players owned in less than 5% of ESPN leagues should we look to as waiver wire targets for Week 4?