4 Backup Running Backs Worth Targeting Late in Your Fantasy Football Draft

Not every second-string running back is created equal, but these late-round backs could be league winners.

Handcuffing running backs in fantasy football can be a strategy wrought with error. Roster space is a precious commodity, and if you're ignoring future upside sitting on your waiver wire for some sort of insurance policy that might not be that good anyway -- well, that's not very smart.

Smart handcuffing is not necessarily as simple as saying "back up your best running back with the next man up on the depth chart". In fact, handcuffing a back you own caps your roster's upside as you are using two roster spots for one position.

Rostering one of your league-mates' star backs, however, can bear fruit. Last offseason, our own Tyler Buecher detailed a few alternatives to handcuffing, including finding backs in committees or targeting running backs with established roles in the passing game.

So with all that in mind, let's take a look at a few backup running backs you should target in the double-digit rounds of your fantasy football draft.