Fantasy Football: 3 Kickers to Target in the Last Round of Your Draft

Instead of just picking a random kicker from your cheat sheet, choose one who projects well in Week 1.

Imagine that it's draft night and you are sitting in a cramped room with your friends for the fifth hour in a row. The room smells like empty beer cans and leftover pizza. The chip dip that was fresh hours ago has turned into some sort of creature.

You are approaching the final round of your draft, and everyone is ready to call it a night. Your friend who strangely drafted Stephen Gostkowski hours earlier is using his final pick on a fourth-string running back. You still need to take your kicker so you lazily look at your scribbled-over cheat sheet, scroll through who remains, and say "Uhhh, I guess I'll take Robbie Gould. Whatever."

Does this scenario sound familiar to you? I know that's how I used to pick kickers.

But rather than take whichever name you happen to see first, let's take a look at three kickers worth targeting in the final round of your draft based on analytics from Vegas. And please, do not draft a kicker earlier than the final round.

numberFire's Jim Sannes wrote a fantastic article in January on how kickers performed based on measures such as Vegas spreads, implied totals, and favorites versus underdogs. Based on his findings, we need to target kickers on teams that are heavily favored -- with implied team total as the tie-breaker.