College Football Market Share Report: Saturday of Week 13

Brennan Armstrong returned from injury to a whopping 50 pass attempts in a loss to Pitt. Who else's workload stands out entering college football's rivalry week?

Since many of the 2018 law changes that marked the return of college football daily fantasy, it has been quickly growing. After all, more individuals watched the 2020 National Championship Game than any other non-NFL sporting event.

With so many eyeballs on the games, and some monster statistics put up by the elite players in the sport, it is natural for many to gravitate to playing daily fantasy instead of traditional betting. FanDuel offers college football contests each weekend, which can include Thursday, Friday, and Saturday main slates -- depending on game volume.

College football is a unique challenge for DFS, as a lot of necessary information is not easily found. Often, injury news is reported through the schools themselves and newspaper beat reporters. It can also be particularly difficult to find accurate information on which players are on the field, who has the best usage, and where inefficiencies in the salary cap model may reside.

The latter point is the premise for this piece, which in addition to numberFire's betting guides and daily fantasy helpers, is designed to help you find out which college football players are on the field and seeing work.

You may need it more than ever, too.

FanDuel has split main slates as FBS college football divides its Week 13 -- many of them rivalry games -- into two days every Thanksgiving weekend. This weekend, more irregular teams have found their way onto the Friday and Saturday main slates. Players that end up in the perfect lineups may be players you've never heard of. Yet.

With that in mind, this edition will take a peek at Saturday's 14-game slate. Let's ride.

Note: Players with fewer than 10 pass attempts, 10 rushing attempts, and 5 targets in the previous week will not be featured but may still be viable in daily fantasy formats. For players returning from off weeks, previous reports will contain their most recent sample. All stats are from


Player Team
Brennan Armstrong UVA 50.0 45.7 8.81 2.9 44.0
Sam Hartman WAKE 43.0 35.5 8.90 2.4 37.2
Tanner McKee STAN 43.0 32.1 7.46 2.1 15.8
Kenny Pickett PITT 41.0 38.9 9.04 2.3 33.4
Bryce Young ALA 40.0 33.6 9.67 0.7 17.5
Spencer Sanders OKST 37.0 26.2 7.58 8.0 39.6
Payton Thorne MSU 36.0 28.4 8.35 3.8 21.4
C.J. Stroud OSU 35.0 34.7 9.99 1.5 6.5
Anthony Brown ORE 35.0 27.4 7.43 7.6 56.8
Jordan Travis FSU 34.0 18.2 8.04 6.9 61.8
Max Johnson LSU 33.0 30.5 7.45 1.6 9.9
Emory Jones UF 32.0 26.5 8.23 8.8 66.1
T.J. Finley AUB 32.0 9.3 7.12 0.7 4.7
Will Levis UK 31.0 27.9 7.97 4.3 34.6
Cade McNamara MICH 29.0 24.3 8.01 2.0 5.3
Donovan Smith TTU 29.0 22.0 7.58 8.0 42.0
Jordan Yates GT 28.0 23.2 6.01 1.8 48.3
Malik Cunningham LOU 25.0 27.0 8.72 8.2 94.4
Christian Veilleux PSU 24.0 24.0 9.79 4.0 37.0
Phil Jurkovec BC 24.0 17.0 10.54 5.2 53.4
Blake Shapen BAY 21.0 8.0 6.75 2.0 13.7
Jack Coan ND 20.0 25.6 8.14 1.4 7.5
Garrett Shrader SYR 20.0 19.1 5.87 8.9 84.1
Caleb Williams OU 18.0 18.3 9.71 3.9 55.8
Chance Nolan ORST 18.0 22.7 8.42 3.5 29.5
Braxton Burmeister VT 17.0 21.9 7.44 3.9 49.5
Zach Calzada TXAM 14.0 26.8 6.59 1.4 8.0
Gerry Bohanon BAY 14.0 23.2 8.65 5.7 32.5
Stetson Bennett UGA 14.0 16.3 10.61 2.0 26.0
JT Daniels UGA 12.0 19.0 7.49 0.6 -0.4
Connor Blumrick VT 11.0 7.5 2.93 14.0 107.0
Carson Beck UGA 10.0 7.7 7.65 2.3 8.3

So much for taking it easy off an injury. Brennan Armstrong ($10,700) hurled 50 pass attempts as Virginia played catch-up with Pitt a majority of the afternoon. Armstrong's full workload just green lights the top quarterback option on just about every slate he has a workable matchup. Armstrong has added seven rushing scores to 404.4 passing yards per game, and the 60th-ranked Virginia Tech defense isn't particularly menacing when trying to justify avoiding him.

Sean Clifford ($8,700) isn't on this report because he missed last week's game with an illness. Christian Veilleux (8,700) started in his place and fired 24 pass attempts, but either quarterback that gets the nod for Penn State at an identical salary is a can't-miss value option. The Michigan State defense is still 130th of 130 FBS teams against the pass (360.6), and it's by over 40 yards per game. They're lost on the back end, and Clifford -- who should be the guy -- enters already having eclipsed 300 yards passing in two of his last three contests.

It's far from sexy, but an opportunity for value is Zach Calzada ($6,600). Calzada has eclipsed 250 yards passing twice this season in 10 starts, so it's not like he's been thrashing teams, but he will get plenty of opportunity in a game against Louisiana State. LSU is 90th against the pass this season, and Calzada has two clear stacking options with Anias Smith ($7,000) and Jalen Wydermyer ($6,300). The backfield is a full-blown committee, so this is the only viable way to attack LSU if one chooses to with any Aggies.

Running Backs

Player Team
Brian Robinson Jr.ALA27.019.053.8%37.7%
Pat Garwo IIIBC25.017.849.6%11.5%
Tank BigsbyAUB22.016.353.1%15.7%
Abram SmithBAY21.016.843.3%15.3%
Master Teague IIIOSU21.09.419.0%00.5%
Tyrion Davis-PriceLSU21.017.561.9%23.0%
B.J. BaylorORST20.017.846.2%03.4%
Dominic RichardsonOKST20.07.115.5%21.7%
Hassan HaskinsMICH20.019.647.5%14.1%
Kennedy BrooksOU17.014.552.5%12.2%
Chris Rodriguez Jr.UK16.017.153.3%05.9%
Rodney Hammond Jr.PITT15.09.522.0%01.4%
Keyvone LeePSU13.08.128.2%23.7%
Sean TuckerSYR13.021.160.1%18.6%
Jashaun CorbinFSU12.012.340.7%210.7%
Jaylen WarrenOKST12.020.048.0%06.6%
Vincent DavisPITT12.09.630.6%15.5%
Jahmyr GibbsGT12.012.841.8%114.8%
Austin JonesSTAN11.09.839.5%310.2%
LJ Johnson Jr.TXAM11.05.35.9%10.3%
Trestan EbnerBAY11.011.529.5%79.5%
Kyren WilliamsND11.016.853.9%513.4%
Devon AchaneTXAM10.010.532.4%07.0%

The core play of the week, personally, is Pat Garwo III ($7,700). The Boston College running back got 25 carries last week, which was was his third straight game over 24. Garwo also punched in a short touchdown to give claim to the goal-line work as well. The Eagles will need to slow down the high-powered Wake Forest Demon Deacons, and you can run on Wake. The Deacs are 118th in the country in rushing yards per game allowed (221.5), and Garwo should get plenty of opportunities.

I'm avoiding a stud that I badly wanted to use this week in Syracuse's Sean Tucker ($8,800). Pitt is incredibly strong against the run (2.9 yards per carry allowed; eighth-best in FBS), which has to alter Cuse's plans despite using Tucker for 21.1 carries per game on average normally. That was even seen last week as Tucker was limited to 13 carries in a negative game script for the Orange. I'd love to stack this game, but Syracuse is also 39th against the pass, which hurts Kenny Pickett ($10,600) and the Panthers as well. There might be better spots on a 14-game slate.

Brian Robinson Jr. ($10,000) is a building block despite a stiffer matchup against Auburn. Robinson has seen 26 and 27 carries, respectively, in the last two competitive games that Alabama has played. The 19.5-point spread is slightly concerning, but numberFire's model is still projecting a gaudy 42.79 team total for the Crimson Tide. Robinson likely will have a hand in that if the road team pulls away from their bitter rival.

Wide Receivers

Player TEAM
TGT/G 2021
Jordan AddisonPITT17.048.6%9.725.6%31.6%
Keytaon ThompsonUVA14.029.2%9.321.1%21.0%
Jameson WilliamsALA13.033.3%7.923.8%32.2%
Tay MartinOKST13.038.2%8.228.5%32.1%
John Metchie IIIALA13.033.3%8.926.8%23.7%
Jacob CopelandUF12.040.0%5.116.8%20.3%
Jaquarii RobersonWAKE12.027.9%8.123.9%26.8%
Dontayvion WicksUVA12.025.0%7.717.6%26.8%
Jelani WoodsUVA11.022.9%6.212.8%12.5%
Michael WilsonSTAN11.028.2%7.36.8%5.5%
Josh AliUK10.030.3%6.218.4%21.7%
Devon WilliamsORE10.031.3%4.814.4%18.4%
Wan'Dale RobinsonUK10.030.3%10.738.8%42.4%
Jaxon Smith-NjigbaOSU10.023.8%7.621.8%28.4%
Shedrick JacksonAUB9.028.1%5.516.5%17.7%
Garrett WilsonOSU9.021.4%8.722.5%23.6%
Parker WashingtonPSU9.031.0%6.619.2%22.4%
Erik EzukanmaTTU9.030.0%7.123.0%24.6%
Jayden ReedMSU8.025.0%7.527.9%32.2%
Benjamin YurosekSTAN8.020.5%5.617.3%23.6%
Demetris RobertsonAUB8.025.0%5.916.0%15.5%
John Paul RichardsonOKST8.023.5%4.05.6%3.9%
A.T. PerryWAKE8.018.6%8.525.0%29.1%
Kris HutsonORE8.025.0%2.89.4%11.7%
Donald StewartWAKE8.018.6%4.011.8%8.8%
Ja'Varrius JohnsonAUB7.021.9%3.88.1%10.9%
Jared WaynePITT7.020.0%5.613.4%14.6%
Tyquan ThorntonBAY7.021.9%7.531.1%34.4%
Chris OlaveOSU7.016.7%8.022.8%21.3%
Jahan DotsonPSU7.024.1%11.834.2%35.3%
Taylor MorinWAKE6.014.0%4.212.4%13.1%
Tre TurnerVT6.023.1%7.529.4%33.0%
Daylen BaldwinMICH6.015.4%3.810.3%9.9%
R.J. SneedBAY6.018.8%4.719.7%22.8%
Jack BechLSU6.018.8%5.817.7%16.9%
Malik NabersLSU6.018.8%3.79.1%12.3%
Zay FlowersBC6.027.3%7.229.2%33.8%
Kaylon GeigerTTU6.020.0%5.017.8%16.7%
Cornelius JohnsonMICH6.015.4%5.520.5%21.4%
John HumphreysSTAN6.015.4%4.410.8%11.9%
Elijah HigginsSTAN6.015.4%7.019.5%20.5%
Drew EstradaBAY5.015.6%3.79.8%11.7%
Ontaria WilsonFSU5.017.2%3.611.8%14.3%
Brock BowersUGA5.013.9%3.916.9%21.1%
Marshon FordLOU5.021.7%5.119.8%17.4%
Jaden WilliamsBC5.022.7%3.514.4%9.7%
Malachi CarterGT5.019.2%4.918.1%21.1%
Moose Muhammad IIITXAM5.027.8%3.33.2%4.5%
Kyric McGowanGT5.019.2%6.120.5%20.1%
Adonicas SandersGT5.019.2%4.212.8%15.6%
Kemore GambleUF5.016.7%4.410.5%11.1%
Jaden BrayOKST5.014.7%2.66.3%7.2%

It may sink me, but I'm inclined to fade what is likely to be the overwhelming chalk of Garrett Wilson ($9,400), Chris Olave ($9,300), and Jaxon Smith-Njigba ($8,600) from the Ohio State Buckeyes. All three paid off with scores in a cakewalk matchup last week with Sparty. As mentioned, MSU is dead last in the entire country in pass defense. This week, Michigan is the eighth-best team (178.4 yards per game) against the pass in the nation. Expect CJ Stroud ($11,000) and company to have a much harder day at the office.

With Jaylen Warren ($8,400) banged up, Oklahoma State turned to their star wideout Tay Martin ($8,200) in a huge way. Martin saw a season-high 13 targets in an exclusively positive game script against Texas Tech. Spencer Sanders ($8,200) had success throwing the ball as a result. That tune-up was an important one to take advantage of the Oklahoma defense by the path of least resistance; the Sooners are 115th in the country against the pass (276.0 yards allowed per game).

Jahan Dotson ($9,000) and Wan'Dale Robinson ($8,800) are seamless pivots off the Ohio State guys. Dotson stacks well with Sean Clifford. He's seen 11.8 targets per game this season, and as covered at length, Michigan State is absolutely terrible defending the pass. As for Robinson, he's seen 38.8% of Kentucky's targets this season as the Wildcats face a friendly matchup for their aerial attack. Louisville is allowing the 25th-most passing yards per game (264.7), and Robinson's game is a tremendous one to stack opposite the sensational Malik Cunningham ($10,800).

In a reverse trend to most weeks, I want to spend up at receiver this week. Dotson and Robinson are joined by Jordan Addison ($9,700) and A.T. Perry ($9,200) as high-volume targets that could explode.