NBA Draft Prospects: Top 5 Big Men

Lauri Markkanen headlines an underwhelming group of bigs. Will he or any big man be taken in the top 10?

The NBA season never rests. And for us hoops junkies, that is a great, great thing.

While the shine is still bright on the Larry O'Brien Trophy -- and while we continue to revel in the greatness that was the Golden State Warriors' 2016-17 season -- we have already moved into the first phase of the offseason: The NBA Draft.

We here at numberFire want to give you a primer on the players most likely to make a name for themselves in the professional ranks, so we'll be breaking down the top of a loaded 2017 NBA Draft in three installments -- point guards, wings, and big men.

We started with the point guards and moved onto the wings, but now it is time to wrap it up with the big men. This group possess the biggest question marks but makes up for its lack of star power with depth. Beyond our top five, their are a handful of players (Texas' Jarrett Allen, Duke's Harry Giles, and Kentucky's Bam Adebayo to name a few) who could easily be a top 20 pick this coming Thursday.

Without further ado, let's break down the game of our top five NBA big man prospects.