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Daily Fantasy Baseball: An Introduction to Stacking

Stacking in daily fantasy baseball can allow you to double-dip on various scoring events. How should we implement it into our roster-building process?

Stacks on deck. Fat cash is nice. You can pop bottles all night, baby, if you pick the stack that is right. Said, if you pick the stack that is right.

90 percent of the time I listen to rap, I'm listening to it to get DFS advice. Thanks, T.I.

I may have twisted his words a bit, but I do think the point of "Whatever You Like" was pretty clear: stacks win stacks in daily fantasy baseball. It's a profitable strategy in most daily fantasy sports, but stacking finds its origins and most obvious benefits in baseball.

So that we can properly take advantage of the beauty that is stacking, let's go through what exactly stacking is and why it makes sense in practice. Then, we'll go through some strategies for implementing it both in cash games and tournaments.

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