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Daily Fantasy Baseball: An Introduction to Using Park Factor

Park factor is an issue unique to daily fantasy baseball. How should we factor it into our decision-making?

Scene: it's the fourth quarter of an NFL game between the New York Giants and the Philadelphia Eagles.

You've been watching this game all night after having stacked Eli Manning and Odell Beckham, hoping to capitalize on the Eagles' weak secondary. If you can just squeeze out one more touchdown, you're buying that pool your kids have been begging for the past three years.

Manning drops back to pass. You see Beckham sprint past his defender, setting himself up for an easy touchdown.

Manning lobs the ball down the field with just the perfect amount of air to lead Beckham into the back corner of the end zone. Beckham extends his arms toward the ball, and you extend yours toward the sky, ready to celebrate.


Instead of running you into pools of cash, Beckham ran into the wall that was positioned three yards into the end zone at that stadium. The Giants lose, you sob uncontrollably, and Little Suzie doesn't get a new place to play with her duckies.

Park factors are an issue we don't have to deal with in many daily fantasy sports. You have the slight bump of playing in a dome in the NFL, and there are score-keeping discrepancies at some NHL arenas, but outside of that, most things are largely uniform. Things are radically different in MLB DFS.

Here, park factors will be one of the top things you'll have to consider on a nightly basis. You can love Chris Sale all you want, but if that puppy's headed to Coors Field, it might be best to stay away.

Let's run through what we mean when we discuss park factors before dissecting the various aspects of a park factor and how it should affect your decision-making in daily fantasy baseball.

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