Yesterday's Links: What You Missed on 6/2/15

How good is Jason Kipnis? How bad is Julio Teheran? How can the Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup? These are just some of the stories from yesterday you may have missed on numberFire.

Didn't have enough time to catch some of the content and analysis on yesterday? Don't worry -- here's some of what you missed.

It's Time to Get Ready for the Power of Joey Gallo
Is Texas Rangers' top prospect -- Joey Gallo -- ready for the big show? If last night was any indication, it looks like he is.

Taking a Look at Jason Kipnis' Historic May
Cleveland Indians' second baseman Jason Kipnis had one of the greatest months at the plate in the past decade.

3 Reasons Why A.J. Burnett’s Early-Season Success Isn’t A Fluke
A.J. Burnett has had a resurgence in PIttsburgh. How is he doing it?

The Numbers Behind Julio Teheran's 2015 Struggles
What's wrong with Julio Teheran?

3 Reasons Why the Chicago Blackhawks Will Win the Stanley Cup
The Blackhawks are poised to become the first dynasty of the salary cap era.

Where Will Steve Smith's Targets Go in the Baltimore Ravens' New-Look Offense?
With Steve Smith approaching the end of his career, other Ravens' receivers will need to play a larger part in the passing game.

What Happened to Andrew Luck’s Rushing in 2014?
Andrew Luck’s rushing efficiency dropped off in 2014. Why?