Daily Fantasy Golf Weather Report for the Shell Houston Open

Usually, the impact of weather on sports is minimal, but when it comes to an outdoor sport like golf, wind, rain, heat, humidity, barometric pressure, and more can all affect player performance.

The Shell Houston Open at the Golf Club of Houston historically comes down to the wire, but is there anything on the radar to worry about for this iteration?

Let's break it down.

The Forecast

According to Dark Sky, significant rain could impact the final rounds come Saturday and Sunday. The Pro Am was suspended on Wednesday due to thunderstorms, and there's a chance that happens again by weekend's end.

Winds should be strong enough to impact play, ranging from 10 to 18 miles per hour throughout.


At tee time (7:20 a.m.), temperatures will be around 58 and climb to 80 by 4:00 p.m. Winds to the southeast will hover around 10 miles per hour, but rain should stay away.


Temperatures will be roughly the same but flirt with 90 degrees by the early afternoon. Winds to the north will be stronger, peaking at around 13 miles per hour. Precipitation won't be an issue on Friday.


Winds to the northwest will be stronger today than in the opening rounds, but the bigger issue is precipitation. Light rain is expected around 2:00 p.m., and that is expected to get stronger later in the evening. A delay seems possible, especially with lightning concerns.


Rain. That's the news. Precipitation odds are north of 50% all day, and if that's the case, expect a Monday finish to this tournament. Monday is forecast to be clear and cool with no chance of rain.


Wind will impact the tournament, but that's not news for this Houston course. In 2015, J.B. Holmes won this event despite finishing last in driving accuracy (he was first in distance), so errant tee shots can be overcome. Still, you might want to put more weight on players with accuracy and lower apex heights to combat the winds.

Ideally, you could avoid players who will be impacted by the rain come Saturday and Sunday, but that's not possible. Thursday and Friday will be mostly unaffected by the weather, so just proceed as usual and trust your research.