Call of Duty Daily Fantasy Helper: Week 10 Paris, 6/19/20

The Call of Duty League is back in action, and there are four matches on the slate. Who are the players you should be looking to roster?

FanDuel is now offering Call of Duty League DFS, and we have another set of matches for Saturday. If you are new to Call of Duty DFS, I put together a quick introduction piece to give you the basics. The rosters are similar to CS:GO DFS, and we'll take a look at a few different things to break down some players in good situations.

Quick note, this locks at 1 pm Friday, June 19th, instead of the normal 4 p.m. lock time.

New Scoring

The Call of Duty League is back for the Paris Home Series, but there are a few notes to get to first. A scoring update changes how players and teams will gain fantasy points and could change how we value each. First off, players will receive 15 FanDuel points for Maps Not Played Player Bonus (MNPPB) and teams will receive 3 FanDuel points for Maps Not Played Team Bonus (MNPTB). This is the same as the 'Sweep Bonus' we see in League of Legends and CS:GO, granting extra points for getting the series done quickly.

Next, players will receive 1 FanDuel point for Search And Destroy Kill Bonus (SDK), since this was the lowest-scoring game mode -- which would be played twice during a full five-game series. In prior COD helpers, I noted that Search and Destroy was a very low-scoring game mode and presented very little fantasy value, but that is now changed. The extra point will go a long way in helping a player's overall floor and ceiling.

TeamSeriesSeries Win
GamesGames Won
Atlanta FaZe18-386%58-2367%
Chicago Huntsmen17-674%60-3166%
Dallas Empire15-865%52-3858%
Florida Mutineers13-862%44-4152%
Minnesota RØKKR12-1250%46-5048%
London Royal Ravens8-947%32-3746%
OpTic Gaming Los Angeles7-1139%34-3847%
Paris Legion6-1038%29-3545%
New York Subliners6-1233%30-4142%
Seattle Surge5-1426%31-4740%
Los Angeles Guerrillas5-1328%29-4738%
Toronto Ultra4-1029%25-3542%

The Florida Mutineers won last weekend's event and will look to defend that title, but they will face both the Atlanta FaZe and the Dallas Empire -- two of the best teams in the league. Overall, we have four teams from the top half of the league and four teams from the bottom half, which should give us balanced games across the board.

MVP - 1.5x Points

Shotzzy, Dallas Empire ($10,200) looked absolutely amazing last week, despite not playing in a tournament for nearly two months. He played a total of seven Hardpoint maps at the Minnesota Home Series, where he averaged 27.38 kills per 10 minutes (Kp10M) -- the fifth-highest clip at the event -- along with an average of 73 seconds of hill time per map, the second-highest at the event.

While he only averaged a modest 21 kills per map in Domination, he averaged 6.75 captures per game -- boosting his overall ceiling of points. With the added bonus points for Search And Destroy Kills (SDK), it's worth noting he averaged 7 kills per map in that mode. Being strong in all modes makes him an obvious choice for the MVP spot.

Mack, New York Subliners ($9,900) last played at the Seattle Home Series where he posted strong numbers in every game mode. Averaging 28.49 Kp10M in Hardpoint, 27.50 kills per game in Domination, and 6.75 kills per game in Search and Destroy, Mack posted one of the best all-around stat lines at the event.

New York are up against OpTic Gaming for their opening series, and we are looking at close to a coin-flip matchup -- which could push to all five games and plenty of fantasy points for Mack.

Slasher, OpTic Gaming ($9,000) is on the other side of Mack from New York and is also a viable MVP option. Right from the jump, you'll notice how affordable Slasher's salary is compared to some of the top options, so using him makes roster construction a bit easier on this slate.

Slasher is known for his high level of consistency, and he showed that off at the Seattle Home Series. He averaged 28.51 Kp10M in Hardpoint, 25.00 kills per game in Domination, and a super-strong 8.83 kills per game in Search and Destroy. On top of all of that, he posted a tournament-high for kills in Hardpoint (46), a tournament-high for kills in Domination (35), and tied the tournament-high for kills in Search and Destroy (14).


Abezy, Atlanta FaZe ($9,000) is only $9K on this slate, and with the newly added 15 FanDuel points for Maps Not Played Player Bonus (MNPPB), he becomes a better overall option. He is never going to average the most kills on his team or at a tournament, but he finds himself in a good position due to the entire team being so strong.

At last week's tournament, Abezy posted 23.26 Kp10M in Hardpoint and only 20.00 kills per game in Domination but added an average of 6.00 captures per Domination game. These are average numbers compared to some of his teammates or other players at the event, but this is where the Maps Not Played Player Bonus comes into play. He can make up for the lack of kills with the bonus points via a sweep -- which looks good in this matchup versus Toronto.

Frosty, Florida Mutineers ($7,900) clocks in just under $8K on this slate and is coming off one of his best tournaments of the year, which Florida ended up winning. The former Halo Pro averaged 25.43 Kp10M and 61.5 seconds of capture time in Hardpoint, 22.00 kills per map in Domination, along with 5.75 Captures per map. Add in the fact they are heavy favorites versus Paris in the opening round, and the 15-FanDuel-point bonus is waiting for Frosty.

Tjhaly, OpTic Gaming ($7,700) has been on a phenomenal streak in his recent outings, and his salary is still very low. He comes in with 91 FanDuel points or more in four straight series and five of his last six. Tjhaly isn't known to be a player who racks up a ton of kills on most maps, but he is starting to turn over a new page and showed that at the Seattle Home Series.

He averaged 23 Kp10M in Hardpoint and 25.50 kills per map in Domination on top of his already strong 7.50 kills per map in Search and Destroy. His salary is great on this slate, and this is shaping up to be a longer series against New York.


Florida Mutineers ($5,700) have posted 24.5 FanDuel points or more in three straight series and did that en route to a tournament win last week at the Minnesota Home Series. This week, they open up things as large favorites against the Paris Legion, which could lead to them picking up the newly added 3 FanDuel points for Maps Not Played Team Bonus. An affordable salary and a good matchup make them an easy choice for the team spot.