Call of Duty Daily Fantasy Helper: Week 7 Florida, Friday 5/8/20

FanDuel is now offering Call of Duty League DFS, and we have a tournament starting on Friday. If you are new to Call of Duty DFS, I put together a quick introduction piece to give you the basics. The rosters are similar to CS:GO DFS, and we'll take a look at a few different things to break down some players in good situations.

Week 7: Florida

Another week and another slate for Call of Duty DFS to breakdown. Two weeks ago we saw the Dallas Empire win the Chicago home series, but more importantly, it gave us our first look at scoring and the fantasy points the players post per series. Since there are no bonus points rewarded for player completing a 3-0 sweep, it appears to make sense to target series that will be closer. This is combined with the fact that Game 2 of every series is Search and Destroy -- SnD -- a game mode where players don't have a high amount of kills.

Targeting players who average a high amount of kills and will be in a series that goes four or five games should be the ideal strategy moving forward. Staying away from teams who are large favorites isn't something we normally look do in DFS, but this is just another point to learn the optimal strategy and adapt quickly.

Take note of that since that will be a theme moving forward. Nonetheless, let's take a look at the overall league standings and jump into this week's first-round matchups.

Place Team Series Series Win
Games Game
Win Percentage
1 Dallas Empire 13-6 68% 42-31 58%
2 Chicago Huntsmen 12-4 75% 41-22 65%
3 Atlanta FaZe 11-2 85% 36-13 73%
4 Minnesota RØKKR 10-6 63% 36-30 55%
5 Florida Mutineers 9-6 60% 32-30 52%
6 Paris Legion 6-6 50% 26-24 52%
7 London Royal Ravens 4-6 40% 18-22 45%
8 Seattle Surge 4-10 29% 24-33 42%
9 Toronto Ultra 2-7 22% 15-25 38%
10 OpTic Gaming Los Angeles 2-7 22% 12-23 34%
11 New York Subliners 2-8 20% 14-27 34%
12 Los Angeles Guerrillas 2-9 18% 14-30 32%

For this event, we will see the Atlanta Faze, Florida Mutineers, London Royal Ravens, Minnesota RØKKR, Paris Legion, Toronto Ultra, OpTic Gaming Los Angeles, and New York Subliners. This means all of the teams are ranked between third and 11th in the overall standings -- hopefully setting up some close series.

MVP Considerations

Assault, Minnesota RØKKR ($10,400)

Minnesota RØKKR are in fourth place and ready to take on the Florida Mutineers, who are in fifth. This may be the best matchup of the day, and the odds reflect that as these two are locked in a coin flip. This is what we want to be targeting -- a series that could potentially go to four or five maps. This is where the players bring the most upside, and that leads us to Assault from the Minnesota RØKKR. He comes in as the second-most expensive player on the slate and is worth spending up for.

The last time Assault was in action was in Week 5, when he played 20 total maps, six of which were Search and Destroy. As noted above, SnD is a mode where the kill totals for a player are very low and not totally worth considering. We want to focus on his respawn stats -- where he averaged 23 kills per map in Week 5 across 14 maps. He posted 27 kills or more four times -- with a high of 32 kills -- and had a low of 16 only one time.

With this series being a coin flip, expect at least four or five maps -- bringing plenty of upside for Assault.

Dashy, OpTic Gaming Los Angeles ($9,400)

Dashy and OpTic gaming are underdogs versus London Royal Ravens, but that shouldn't directly impact his fantasy value. Players on underdogs can still put up plenty of fantasy points -- think of a star player on a bad NBA team. He is going to score is points every night and can still be a valuable part of your lineup.

OpTic were in action two weeks ago but played just eight total maps, so we're dealing with a bit of a smaller sample size. Of those eight maps, he played six respawn maps and averaged 26 kills. For his price, he might be undervalued considering the amount of upside he brings. Stacking OpTic isn't the right call here, but going to Dashy brings a ceiling to your lineups.


Havok, Florida Mutineers ($8,700)

Since Florida and Minnesota are in a toss-up series, we want to be actively targeting players from this series to load into our lineups. Two weeks ago, Florida played 21 maps and won the tournament -- something we can expect them to vie for this week. Of those 21 maps, 15 were respawn, where Havok averaged 26 kills.

He is under $9K and posting stats in comparison to some of the most expensive players on the entire slate. Havok is putting up strong numbers, but it should be noted that he had a low of 12 kills and a high of 41 kills. The range of outcomes might be a bit larger with Havok, but in a series that should be on the longer side of things, you want that in your lineups.

Temp, New York Subliners ($8,700)

New York Subliners aren't an amazing team, but they come in as the favorites against the Toronto Ultra. Both of the teams are in the bottom four in the league, presenting a series that could be a bit sloppy and one that may be headed toward four or five maps. Temp's most recent event two weeks ago saw him play a total of 14 maps, nine of which were respawn.

On those nine respawn maps, Temp averaged 22 kills with a high of 32 kills. He carries a lower price tag since he was held to 18 or fewer kills in three maps (33% of the time). Temp owns a lower floor of kills, but he still brings a high ceiling of fantasy points.

Abezy, Atlanta FaZe ($9,200)

FaZe are massive favorites, and while that can limit the potential ceiling of fantasy points, it doesn't mean they can't bring fantasy value to your lineups. Abezy played 11 respawn maps during Week 6 and averaged 25 kills per map. Those are some serious fantasy points at a very affordable price tag.

He falls in the mid-range in terms of pricing and should be able to fit into any type of roster build. FaZe is almost certain to win this series and should get plenty of kills along the way.


New York Subliners ($5,400)

There are four matches on the slate, with one toss-up -- Minnesota versus Florida -- while the other three all have sizable favorites. Those favorites are Atlanta, London, and New York, but New York's prices don't reflect that. New York comes in as the third-cheapest team on the entire slate but are one of the heavy favorites. If you want to spend for several of the top players on the slate, New York brings the savings you need.