Rocket League Daily Fantasy Helper: Saturday 5/2/20

The esports offerings on FanDuel keep growing, and we can now play Rocket League.

If you're not familiar, Rocket League is very easy to figure out, as it is basically a three-on-three soccer game played with vehicles instead of virtual people. Each matchup is a best-of-five series, with each single game lasting five minutes (with extra time as needed for ties).

The scoring is pretty straightforward, and FanDuel lineups include just four players, highlighted by a Captain (points multiplied by 1.5) and a Star (points multiplied by 1.2).

Scoring FanDuel Points
Games Not Played
(Winning Team) (GNPW)
Games Not Played
(Losing Team) (GNPL)
Goals (G) 12
Hat Tricks (HT) 10
Assists (A) 7
Saves (SV) 6
Highest In-Game Score
(Winning Team) (MVP) (One Per Game)
Games Won by Team Within a Match (W) 5
Shots on Goal (SOG) 3

Here's who you should target on Saturday's main slate, which starts at 10 p.m. EST.

Make sure to study up on stats and rosters.


Ground Zero Gaming vs. Canberra Havoc

Ground Zero Gaming was knocked off Friday by Renegades, putting GZ into the loser's bracket, which gives them a cushy matchup with Canberra Havoc. GZ owns a 68.06% win percentage and nets 2.68 goals per game with a +63 goal differential, per Octane, compared to a 37.25% win percentage and 1.88 goals per match with a -24 goal differential for Havoc. This is a pretty clear mismatch. It's similar to GZ's opening-round clash with Overt, a matchup GZ swept.

In that match, Julz ($18,200) totaled 212 FanDuel points, and he carries averages of 1.14 goals, 0.72 assists and 1.36 saves per game. Julz accounts for 42.49% of Ground Zero's goals and is worth his costly price tag. Express ($17.500) and SPYDODGE ($16,900) can eat, too. SPYDODGE was a difference maker Friday night, racking up 205 points as the cheapest member of GZ. Given Julz's price and likely high ownership, it might be worth dipping down to either of Express or SPYDODGE.

The only blemish for GZ is that they'll likely be a chalk play today.

Canberra is a hard pass for me.

FURY vs. Overt

On a slate when a lot of people are going to stack GZ (and rightly so), FURY is my favorite team to turn to. They're taking on an Overt side that's not good, sporting a 32.26% win percentage with a -44 goal differential. FURY aren't invincible by any means, but going by their numbers -- 48.10% win percentage, 2.31 goals per game and +4 goal differential -- they're the favorite here.

Amphis ($15,800) was probably a tad under-priced on Friday's slate, and after a meh showing (135 FanDuel points), the salary has dropped by $600 -- $1,200 cheaper than teammate KennySalmon ($17,000), who blew up last night (more on KS shortly). Amphis is usually FURY's top dog, leading the team in goals (0.98) and shots (2.92) per game while adding 0.68 assists and 1.69 saves. For me, Amphis -- who nets a FURY-best 38.55% of his team's goals -- is a must in any FURY stacks.

Now to KennySalmon, who won people some cash last night by going off for 243 FanDuel points at fairly modest ownership. That'll likely raise his ownership today. I'm leaning toward fading him, but KS definitely has appeal as he paces FURY in assists (0.69) and saves (2.00) per match. He also averages 0.69 goals and 2.60 shots per game.

I'm probably going to take Scarth ($12,200) over KennySalmon, though, to try to leverage ownership. As I mentioned yesterday, FURY gives us a lot of flexibility because each of their three players accounts for at least 30.00% of the team's goals. Scarth posted 162 FanDuel points on Friday and has solid averages of 0.72 goals, 0.53 assists, 1.49 saves and 2.54 shots per game.

Unlike Canberra, Overt is an underdog you can at least entertain using. Cobbo ($11,500) is a decent option at a nice price, owning averages of 0.73 goals, 0.50 assists, 1.64 saves and 3.09 goals per game.

Renegades vs. Cringe Society

This should be a fun matchup in the winner's bracket. These two teams cruised last night. Cringe Society dropped only one game across two wins, including an impressive 3-1 victory over FURY. Renegades picked up a pair of 3-1 wins, the final of which came in a showdown against GZ. In what is a tougher-to-call clash, stacking one side might be a way to be contrarian on this slate, but you can also try to pluck a good one-off play from this game while stacking GZ or FURY.

If I stack this game, I'll be siding with Renegades. They have a +65 goal differential and 67.86% win percentage, compared to a +11 goal differential and 55.17% win percentage for Cringe.

A night after Renegades was sorely mispriced and a great team to target, their salaries have gotten a sizable bump today. Siki ($15,200) is $1,800 more expensive, but it's justified as he bossed it yesterday in the 3-1 win against Mindfreak, tallying four goals, one assist and two MVPs (five-point bonus) en route to 177 FanDuel points. He holds per-match averages of 1.16 goals, 0.70 assists, 1.20 saves and 4.18 shots -- accounting for 42.76% of Renegades' goals. If people go to Renegades today, they'll likely land on Siki.

CJCJ ($14,400) and Kamii ($13,400) got big salary increases, as well, with Kamii's cost rising by nearly $5,000. He was a popular option last night as a player who was simply way too cheap, and he delivered with 113 FanDuel points, scoring two goals with two assists and narrowly missing a few other goals while taking eight total shots. It was a good output, especially considering Kamii was priced at $8,700, but it could've been a massive day. Kamii averages 0.68 goals, 0.84 assists, 0.91 saves and 2.98 shots per game.

CJCJ has slightly better numbers -- averages of 0.88 goals, 0.79 assists, 1.38 saves and 3.63 shots -- than Kamii, and now that their salaries are much closer, CJCJ makes sense as a pivot off ownership if the masses go back to Kamii, which they might not given Kamii's price hike. CJCJ finished with 113 FanDuel points on Friday.

As for Cringe, I'm loving Decka ($14,900) at this price. Decka was a popular play last night, but he ended up scoring the fewest points on the team, though 170 points is nothing to scoff at. It's just that Torsos ($16,800) and Drippay ($15,900) went HAM -- particularly Torsos, who amassed an eye-popping 207 FanDuel points. All that adds up to Decka possibly slipping through the cracks a bit today ownership-wise, and we should pounce.

Decka leads Cringe in combined goals and assists per game by a wide margin, recording per-game averages of 0.89 goals and 0.77 assists (1.66 combined) -- compared to goals-plus-assists clips of 1.35 for Torsos and 1.36 for Drippay. If Decka bounces back today and paces the team like usual, he could do it at suppressed ownership, making him awfully appealing.

Of course, we have to touch on Torsos after what he did Friday. He shredded Canberra for two goals, two assists, 10 shots on goals and nine saves in an impressive all-around showing on the way to the 207-point day. Renegades is going to be a much tougher challenge, and given Torsos' likely increased ownership today, I'll probably fade here in favor of going heavy on Decka or using some Drippay, who averages 0.76 goals, 0.60 assists, 1.53 saves and 3.07 shots per game, numbers that are pretty darn similar to Torsos'.