Rocket League Daily Fantasy Helper: Friday 5/1/20

The esports offerings on FanDuel keep growing, and we can now play Rocket League.

If you're not familiar, Rocket League is very easy to figure out, as it is basically a three-on-three soccer game played with vehicles instead of virtual people. Each matchup is a best-of-five series, with each single game lasting five minutes (with extra time as needed for ties).

The scoring is pretty straightforward, and FanDuel lineups include just four players, highlighted by a Captain (points multiplied by 1.5) and a Star (points multiplied by 1.2).

Scoring FanDuel Points
Games Not Played
(Winning Team) (GNPW)
Games Not Played
(Losing Team) (GNPL)
Goals (G) 12
Hat Tricks (HT) 10
Assists (A) 7
Saves (SV) 6
Highest In-Game Score
(Winning Team) (MVP) (One Per Game)
Games Won by Team Within a Match (W) 5
Shots on Goal (SOG) 3

Here's who you should target on this main slate, which starts at 10 p.m. EST on Friday.

Make sure to study up on stats and rosters.

Players to Target

Julz ($17,800) - Ground Zero Gaming is in a smash spot against Overt. GZ has a 69.21% win percentage and +57 goal differential, while Overt owns a meager 28.01% win percentage and -38 goal differential. The pricing on the slate reflects GZ's likely dominance as their three players -- including Express ($17,300) and SPYDODGE ($16,700) -- are three of the five highest-priced options. Julz has won 22 MVPs (five-point bonus) in 65 matches and accounts for 43.5% of GZ's goals, per Octane, averaging 1.15 goals and 0.72 assists per game. Express (0.68 goals and 0.75 assists per match) and SPYDODGE (0.61 and 0.52) should eat, too, but Julz is the best play on GZ and is worthy of his lofty salary.

Decka ($16,900) - Cringe Society is the other team priced up, but they aren't on GZ's level statistically. Cringe has just a 50.98% win percentage and +6 goal differential. They're facing a Canberra Havoc side that's pretty bad, though, as Canberra sports a 33.3% win percentage and -30 goal differential. Decka might be a bit underpriced relative to his teammates based on his output. Decka puts up 0.92 goals and 0.80 assists per game -- better clips than the more expensive Drippay ($17,400), who is at 0.76 and 0.61, respectively, and the similarly priced Torsos ($16,500), who comes in at 0.73 and 0.65. The goals on Cringe are split pretty evenly, with each player accounting for at least 30% of the team's tallies, so we have some flexibility here.

Siki ($13,400) - Renegades is my favorite stacking option outside of Ground Zero, and Renegades is way cheaper, making it easy to pay up for Julz if you're trying to do that. Renegades has a +53 goal differential and nets 2.76 goals per game, and they're squaring off with a Mindfreak squad that carries a -9 goal differential and scores 1.78 goals per game -- yet all three of Mindfreak's players are more expensive than anyone on Renegades. Siki has scored 41.13% of Renegades' goals and has brought home 13 MVPs in 45 outings, totaling 1.13 goals and 0.71 assists per game. Hard to beat at this salary. Long story short: Renegades is too cheap. Take advantage.

Amphis ($16,400) -- The one match we haven't yet talked about looks like the most even match on the slate, and it should be a high-scoring clash as the two sides combine to allow 4.33 goals per game. It's FURY against The Good The Bad The Ugly. Sometimes in DFS, loading up on one side of a close matchup, particularly on a small slate, can be a way to gain an edge. In this matchup, I'm leaning FURY as we have 51 more games of data on them (TGBU has played just 13 matches) -- although the goal differentials for the two sides are about even (+2 for FURY and +8 for TGBU). Amphis is the boss on FURY, averaging 0.92 goals and 0.70 assists per game while scoring 39.60% of FURY's goals and dishing out 36.00% of their assists. You can pair him with either KennySalmon ($14,300) or Scarth ($13,900), both of whom account for roughly 1.30 combined goals plus assists per game.

Walcott ($10,800) -- We can't totally ignore The Good The Bad The Ugly, though, especially since FURY concede 2.33 goals per game. If this one goes five games, we could see plenty of fantasy goodness for both sides, so instead of stacking FURY, you could get one player from each of these two teams and stack one of the expensive sides. Walcott and Misty ($10,000) are both viable plays. Walcott is the goal-scorer, netting 0.92 per game and scoring 47.37% of TGBU's goals, but he averages just 0.33 assists per contest. Misty does a little bit of everything -- 0.74 goals and 0.61 assists per game -- but doesn't have the goal-scoring upside Walcott offers.

Kamii ($8,700) - We touched on Renegades earlier with Siki, and even though you don't necessarily need to dip this low in the player pool, Kamii is a viable stacking partner with Siki. Kamii has accounted for 35.45% of the team's assists, which is tied with the much more costly CJCJ ($12,600) for tops on Renegades. Overall, Kamii averages 0.69 goals and 0.87 assists per contest, compared to 0.97 and 0.83, respectively, for CJCJ. Yes, CJCJ is probably the slightly better option, but if you're wanting to stack Renegades and salary is a problem, you can feel fine going down to Kamii. You can also use Kamii as a one-off play if you're trying to pack in three of the slate's most expensive players.