0.5 PPR Keeper Question
10-team, 0.5-PPR league. Format is one keeper from last year, and you lose the draft round pick where the player was picked last year.

In my mind, only three options for me.

1. Keep DeAndre Hopkins, lose 4th round pick
2. Keep Todd Gurley, lose 7th round pick
3. Keep Cam Newton, lose last round pick

All three are good options, but I can only pick one (unless I can convince everyone for more keepers this year...). I feel like Hopkins or Gurley is the pick, but not sure.

Let me know why you think one over the others please. Thanks for the help!
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    wsc79 . (352 Reputation Points)
    Gurley. A top pick in the 7th round?? not even close. you got to keep Gurley
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    Austan Kas (419 Reputation Points)
    All three are stellar options, but I think you have to go with Gurley. He's a cinch top-five pick, and you can get him for a seventh-round choice. Cam and Hopkins are also good deals -- and if you can trade them to someone else who can keep them, pursue that -- but I'd rather have a top 2-3 RB (maybe the top RB) over a QB/WR.
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    Seth Neale (282 Reputation Points)
    i'd go gurley