This Year's Stanley Cup Final Will Be a Nail-Biter

The Stanley Cup winner will either be Chicago or Tampa Bay, we know that much. Which team has the edge?

Throughout the regular season, the Blackhawks were in and out of the top spot in our power rankings, finishing the season ranked third. The Lightning, meanwhile, were gradual climbers -- our algorithm liked them more and more as the season went on, until they finally finished fourth in the rankings at the end of the year.

Chicago's nERD of 0.55 means they'd beat an average team on neutral ice by a little more than half of a goal. Tampa Bay's nERD? 0.53.

We're in for a nail-biter.

And that's what our algorithm thinks, too.

Chicago Blackhawks win in 4: 6.44%
Chicago Blackhawks win in 5: 11.61%
Chicago Blackhawks win in 6: 17.6%
Chicago Blackhawks win in 7: 13.95%
Chicago Blackhawks win series: 49.6%
Tampa Bay Lightning win in 4: 5.82%
Tampa Bay Lightning win in 5: 13.35%
Tampa Bay Lightning win in 6: 14.08%
Tampa Bay Lightning win in 7: 17.15%
Tampa Bay Lightning win series: 50.4%