Welcome to numberFire's 2014 NHL Season!

Come along for the ride as we follow Sidney Crosby and the rest of the NHL all season long!

If there's one piece of feedback I've gotten the most over the years - other than to get a haircut - it's to extend numberFire's analytics and projections into the NHL. As someone who grew up in Pittsburgh and counts Mario Lemieux as one of the three greatest human beings to have ever lived, believe me when I say that it was always on our radar.

And now, I'm happy to say, it's graduated from being in our plans to being here, our first whole-scale attempt at being the go-to source for NHL projections, team rankings, player rankings, analysis and more.

We'll be rolling it out piece by piece - partly because we're adjusting our algorithms in real-time to make sure we've got it right, and partly because, well, we're a startup and the NFL takes up most of our time - and we'd love for you to join us for the ride, even if it's a bit bumpy at first. The place to start is by digging into our daily fantasy hockey projections, which are perfect for anyone playing DFS or season-long hockey. Beyond that, we'll have player pages (like this one, for Alexander Ovechkin) which are constantly updating with news and analytics, as well as the power rankings you've come to expect from our platform.

Welcome aboard, and thanks for taking the ride!