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Daily Fantasy Football: Does Production Increase When Games Are Played in Domes?

Moving indoors takes the weather out of the equation. Does this lead to increased production in daily fantasy football?

Back around the turn of the century, the St. Louis Rams' offense was the truth. Putting a guy who loved to sling it as much as Kurt Warner with receivers like Torry Holt and Isaac Bruce and a running back like Marshall Faulk made them nearly unstoppable.

The 1999 season was the one that led to their Super Bowl run. They started that year 6-0, averaging an incredible 36.17 points per game over that span. Not too shabby.

In Week 8, they went on the road to face the eventual AFC champion Tennessee Titans. The Rams were favored by three in the game, and it looked like they'd be set to keep up their high-flying ways. That didn't happen.

Not only did the Rams not meet their season-average scoring totals, but they were shut out for the entire first half. They came back to make it close with a final of 24-21, but it's safe to say this was not the same Rams team that we had seen the previous six weeks.

Sure, the Titans had a great defense that season, but that wasn't the only factor at play that led to disappointment for the Rams' offense. They were playing outside, not an obstacle they faced when they were at home.

Warner's bunch was known as the "Greatest Show on Turf" for a reason. They certainly saw greater success when the weather was controlled than when they were subject to the elements.

The big question here is whether or not the Rams' production when they were indoors is a universal truth. If offenses perform better when they are in a dome, that would most definitely affect how we should assess games when it comes to fantasy football.

So, let's take a look -- should we be targeting games that are played in domes in daily fantasy football?

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