8 Preseason Waiver Wire Players Who Can Help Win Your Fantasy Football League

Which players on your league waiver wire could be the difference-making pick up that wins you a title this year?

So you've done your research, set your rankings, and drafted your roster. Now all that's left is to sit back and watch your squad cruise into your championship game, right?

Not quite.

While the fantasy football draft is certainly an important place to build a solid foundation for your team, rarely do you win a league title with a solid draft alone.

No, what separates a good team from great one is the acquisition of game-changers off the waiver wire.

Last year it was a career backup running back in Justin Forsett and an injured rookie wideout in Odell Beckham, Jr. who were the difference-makers in fantasy football leagues.

So who will it be this year?

Here are eight players who, as of this writing, are likely going undrafted in your league (i.e., were owned in less than 15% of all ESPN standard leagues and had an ADP of 140 or greater) and who could break out and be that waiver wire gem that wins you a title this season.

(All average draft position data is from