6 Players Worth Reaching for in Your Fantasy Football Drafts

Sometimes it's worth it to jump ahead of average draft position to get the player you really want. Who's worth reaching for in 2015?

I used to work as a dishwasher at T.G.I. Friday’s for a short time in college.

There are a lot of moments that I’d love to forget about my days working there, including the kitchen manager who insisted on calling me “Big Merv” before asking me to do something like turn a running faucet off that he was standing right beside.

But one thing I haven’t forgotten -- despite really wanting to -- is the sign that hung in the kitchen that said, “Early is on time, on time is late, and late is unacceptable”.

Ignoring the heavy overtones of corporate speak, part of the sign’s message is transferable to fantasy football.

Put simply, sharp fantasy drafters are always looking for opportunities to find value later than they should be able to.

Often this is prudent strategy, but sometimes it can lead you to lose your guy because someone else grabbed him due to recognizing his value as well.

For example, owners last season (like myself) who were hoping Antonio Brown fell to them in the third round would sure be happy to snag him in the second round if given a do-over.

The paradox of following the herd on a player’s average draft position (ADP) is that it can lead you to miss out on the type of significant value you were seeking in the first place. In which case, early would’ve been on time, and late was unacceptable. We'll call them sleepers, although not in the traditional sense - they're sleepers relative to their current draft position.

So who's worth reaching a round or two above their current ADPs to ensure you acquire their services?

Follow me and I’ll let you know who I’m willing to reach for if I need to.

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