12 Post-NFL Draft Situations to Watch at the Wide Receiver Position for Fantasy Football

The rookie wide receiver class of 2014 sent waves throughout the NFL that are still being felt during this offseason. What does the wide receiver class of 2015 have in store for this upcoming fantasy football season?

Prior to the 2014 NFL Draft, we knew a number of things for certain.

We knew to avoid the passing games in Carolina and Buffalo due to a lack of proven receivers on those teams.

We knew that following promising 2013 seasons, Pittsburgh's Markus Wheaton and Green Bay's Jarrett Boykin were poised to expand their roles in 2014.

And we knew that Mike Wallace, Vincent Jackson, and the salsa-dancing Victor Cruz were the undisputed number one receivers in Miami, Tampa Bay, and New York, respectively.

Then came the rookie class of 2014, and as Odell Beckham, Jr. will tell you, the rest is history.

In the 2015 NFL Draft, there were a total of 34 receivers selected, not including the numerous undrafted free agents that were signed as well. Of course, not all of these players will be able to influence the outcome of the 2015 season, but as history has taught us we also know that the ability of this group to reshape the fantasy football landscape should not be underestimated.

So with all this in mind, let's take a look at how the arrival of the rookie wide receiver class of 2015 might impact this upcoming season.