Fantasy Football Mock Draft Recap: Who Needs Quarterbacks?

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Round 1

PickOverallDrafterFirst NameLast NameTeamPosition
1.011Sean WirthJamaalCharlesKCCRB
1.022Mike ComerfordLeSeanMcCoyPHIRB
1.033Leo HowellMattForteCHIRB
1.044Jordan HooverEddieLacyGBPRB
1.055Greg BuckiAdrianPetersonMINRB
1.066Jim SannesDeMarcoMurrayDALRB
1.077Matt GrassoJimmyGrahamNOSTE
1.088Ari RossMarshawnLynchSEARB
1.099Jack DelaneyCalvinJohnsonDETWR
1.1010Sam HaussDemaryiusThomasDENWR
1.1111Tyler BuecherDezBryantDALWR
1.1212Billy HepfingerA.J.GreenCINWR

There were no real surprises at the top of the first round, as Sean and Mike kicked things off with Jamaal Charles and LeSean McCoy. The next few picks are a bit scrambled from what you may see in other leagues, but it's really splitting hairs to get too upset over taking Eddie Lacy ahead of Adrian Peterson, for example.

Perhaps the biggest surprise was the fall of Calvin Johnson to the 1.09 pick. Megatron usually goes earlier than that, and even with this being a standard league, he should provide a good foundation for a team drafting that late in the first.

My pick: Matt Forte, Chicago Bears, RB - Adrian Peterson might have a longer track record of excellence, but I think that Forte's role is so clearly defined in what should be a high-powered offense that he's the third-best option in fantasy this year. His value is greater in a PPR, but it's still strong in a standard league.