Which Wide Receiver Prospects Dominated the Most Games in 2017?

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1. D.J. Moore, Maryland Terrapins

Sorry for spoiling things by using D.J. Moore as the cover for this article, but he stands out so much that it was impossible to pick anyone else.

Moore, 5'11" and 215 pounds, generated at least 40% of Maryland's receiving yardage in 9 of his 12 games (75.0%) and at least half of their receiving yards in 8 of 12 (66.7%). Remember, Wilson ranks second among the class with marks of 50.0% and 28.6%, respectively. Whew.

Only once did Moore fall below a 34.4% receiving market share (23.1% against Michigan's third-ranked pass defense). And if you think that he just feasted on weak opponents...guess again.

Other than Towson (an FCS school), all 10 of of Moore's 11 opponents ranked inside the top 65 in S&P+. The 11th -- Rutgers -- ranked 72nd.

Game LogRecYardsY/RTDYards MS%Opp. S&P+
Ohio State2115.5068.8%12
Michigan State8769.5062.8%28
Penn State810012.5055.9%13
Central Florida88310.4153.5%27

Moore's Terrapins struggled offensively this season, ranking 113th in S&P+ overall and 74th through the air, but Moore's 43.6% target market share sure does suggest he can handle a big workload at the next level. And the results suggest he can produce even in a poor situation.

So, you can look at Moore's lack of 100-yard games (three), but just keep in mind that the Terrapins broke 220 yards passing once and maxed out at 255 yards. By market shares, nobody dominated quite like Moore among this year's receiver class.