10 Fantasy Football Waiver Wire Targets Heading Into Week 16

Mike Wallace has a superb matchup against the Colts in Week 16, making him a worthwhile waiver add. Who else should you target on the waiver wire this week?

Week 16 is upon us, and for the vast majority of fantasy players, that means championship weekend.

If you have a game this week, that means you likely have a ton on the line -- whether it's your league title or just avoiding last place (and having to deal with your leaguemates' taunting for the next eight months). Even if you're in a league that goes into Week 17, things are still do-or-die in the semi-finals.

Week 16 also brings with it a pretty significant shift in roster strategy. With no long-term to worry about, the purpose your bench serves becomes very different. Rather than loading up with players who may be useful down the road, you want as many players as possible that can contribute this week, whether you end up plugging them into your lineup or simply getting them to prevent your opponent from starting them. Even a player who has contributed all season but has a bad matchup isn't worth keeping on the bench if you know you won't play them this week (for those whose title game is Week 16).

Let's get right into it and look at 10 players who are likely sitting on your waiver wire that you should consider adding.