Fantasy Football: 5 Running Backs With Major Touchdown Upside

These five running backs have red zone and goal line workloads that can lead to big-time touchdown numbers.

As the saying goes, "touchdowns are king in fantasy football."

On a weekly basis, touchdowns are one of the most unpredictable stats around. After all, most teams only score a couple of them each week. Over the course of the season though, things become a bit clearer.

Taking a look at coaches' play-calling trends, players' usage rates, and players' efficiency numbers, we can identify players who have the ability to put up double-digit touchdown numbers, making them incredibly valuable assets in fantasy football.

First up is running backs, a position rife with frustration as goal line "vultures" cut into scoring of otherwise strong fantasy performers. Finding strong fantasy options who will also be handling the ball near the end zone is key to getting yourself a running back who can score the kind of points you need to win your leagues.