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The 4 Best Offensive Teams in the NCAA Tournament

Who joins the Tar Heels' high-powered offense among the best in this year's tournament field?

After having detailed the best defenses in the Big Dance, it only seemed appropriate to cover the top offenses in the country.

If you read yesterday's piece you know the process, but in case you didn't, no worries. In addition to considering our Offensive Efficiency rankings I'm taking into account nERD (our metric that estimates a team's average point differential over an average team on a neutral court), Effective Field Goal Percentage and Turnover Rate.

Each of these teams possess: a Turnover Rate less than 15%, an Effective Field Goal Percentage of 50% or better, an overall Offensive Efficiency in the 89th percentile or higher, and -- the main thing that separates these teams from others -- a great Consistency score, based on point differential throughout the season.

After sorting through these benchmarks, the remaining teams own a nERD of at least 13.96. Who are they?

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