Yesterday's Links: What You Missed on 3/19/15

The NCAA Tournament started yesterday, and it's definitely been madness. Here's what you missed on the site.

Didn't have enough time to catch some of the content and analysis on yesterday? Don't worry -- here's what you missed.

Another 3 Seed Down: Baylor Collapses, Georgia State Advances
Trailing by 12 points with just 2:38 remaining, Georgia State, led by RJ Hunter, went into beast mode, scoring 13 of the game's final points. Check out how it all went down.

March Madness Stunner: Iowa State Loses to UAB
Iowa State was picked by many to go to the Final Four this year, but UAB had other plans for them.

10 Important Questions About the NL Central Heading Into 2015
The NL Central has two really strong teams and one up-and-coming one. What should we expect in 2015?

Dwyane Wade's Renaissance: How It Affects the Playoff Hopes of the Miami Heat
Dwyane Wade is playing more like the D-Wade of old. Does that make the Heat legitimate contenders?

The 5 Best Offenses in This Year's NCAA Tournament
Of the 68 teams dancing this year, which offenses are best? Some of the teams may surprise you.

March Madness: Staff Final Four, Champion and Cinderella Picks
With such insanity yesterday, some of the staff picks look, well, a little bad. But that's OK -- that's why it's called March Madness.

The 5 Best Defensive Teams in the NCAA Tournament
Most fans care about offense in the big dance, but which defenses are best among the field of 68?

Why Notre Dame and Villanova May Have a Tough Time Winning This Year's NCAA Tournament
You saw Notre Dame almost lose their opening game yesterday, while Villanova cruised against a 16 seed. As Ed Feng points out, both teams could struggle getting to the championship game this year.