Yesterday's Links: What You Missed on 3/17/15

We continued our March Madness coverage on numberFire yesterday. Did you miss any of the content?

Didn't have enough time to catch some of the content and analysis on yesterday? Don't worry -- here's what you missed.

7 Players Who Can Take Over the NCAA Tournament
In order for a team to make a deep run, typically a player on that team will have a spectacular set of games. Here are seven players who may be able to carry their teams deep into the tourney.

Using Vegas to Win in March Madness Daily Fantasy Basketball
If you're playing daily fantasy basketball during March Madness, you won't want to miss yesterday's article from Bryan Mears, outlining which teams to target throughout the tournament.

NBA Power Rankings Update: March Madness Hits the Association
Which teams are rising and falling before the NBA Playoffs? Take a look.

Dwayne Bowe Isn't as Bad as You Think He Is
Folks have written off Dwayne Bowe as a legitimate contributor thanks to a downward trend since 2010. But is he really that bad?

Does Signing Trent Richardson Make Sense for the Oakland Raiders?
The Raiders went out and signed Trent Richardson, despite the fact that he's been one of the least effective runners over the last three years. Was there any logic to it?

Steve Johnson to San Diego: Does He Have Anything Left in the Tank?
After losing Eddie Royal, the Chargers went out and snagged Steve Johnson. Was it actually an under-the-radar signing?

5 MLB Hitters With Strange Righty Versus Lefty Splits
Though most right-handed hitters can hit left-handed pitching well -- and vice versa -- some players actually don't follow the rule.

How Good Was Anthony Davis' Near Quadruple-Double Sunday Night?
Anthony Davis has been on a tear all year long, but was Sunday night his best performance yet?

10 Important Questions About the NL East Heading Into 2015
John Stolnis digs into some questions about the NL East. How many games will Bryce Harper play? How many wins will the Braves get this year? Find out.

Can Josh Hill Effectively Fill the Saints' Tight End Void
Without Jimmy Graham, the Saints will obviously be missing a huge piece of their offense next year. Is Josh Hill the answer?