Yesterday's Links: What You Missed From 2/18/15

Would Anthony Davis' 2012 Kentucky team beat this year's squad? Is Joey Votto too passive at the plate? Find out that and more in this edition of Yesterday's Links.

Didn't have enough time to catch some of the content and analysis on yesterday? Don't worry -- here's what you missed.

Sorry, Anthony Davis: The 2015 Kentucky Team Might Be Better Than the One From 2012
Anthony Davis says that his 2012 Kentucky Wildcats team could beat -- crush -- this year's undefeated squad. Our own Bryan Mears doesn't really agree.

To Swing or Not To Swing: The Joey Votto Story
Is Joey Votto too passive at the plate? It's a debate that's always strong in Cincinnati, and John Stolnis puts it to rest.

Has College Basketball Truly Changed Offensively Over the Last Decade and a Half?
We've been hearing about it more and more: the college basketball game is boring thanks to a slowing pace of the game. Matt Goodwin takes a look at whether or not this is true in a great statistical breakdown.

Was Re-Signing Larry Fitzgerald a Smart Move for the Arizona Cardinals?
Should the Cardinals have given veteran wideout Larry Fitzgerald two more years? Brandon Gdula let's us know.

Follow-Up: Is Derek Carr Really the Future of the Oakland Raiders?
After writing about Derek Carr's potential on Monday, yours truly took things a step further in a follow-up article about Carr's rookie season.

Trey Burke's Historic Sophomore Slump: What Happened?
Trey Burke has been bad -- historically bad -- during his second NBA season. Jordan Sharp shows just how bad things have gotten.

How the NBA Playoffs Would Play Out If They Started at the All-Star Break
The All-Star break is coming to an end, but if the NBA playoffs were to start today, which teams would be advancing? Brett Oswalt takes an analytical approach to this question.

Stanley Cup Odds Update: Are the Capitals Your Best Bet?
We've got our own Stanley Cup odds, and some of our numbers disagree with Vegas. Jeff Hicks compares the two to show which bets are best in the NHL right now.

Jason Giambi Says Goodbye: What Kind of Statistical Legacy Does He Leave Behind?
Scott Barrett looks into the now-retired Jason Giambi's career numbers to see how he stacks up against others at his position.

Why Is the Kansas City Royals' Vegas Win Total So Low?
In his numberFire debut, Sal Cacciatore explains why the Kansas City Royals' low Vegas win total really shouldn't shock us.

Washington Redskins 2014 Season Review: Another Year at the Bottom
The Redskins continued to struggle in 2014, and are more of a mess today than they were a year ago. What happened? Jason Schandl explains.