Did Any of This Year's First Four Out Teams Deserve to Make the NCAA Tournament?

Should any of the first four out teams be dancing?

With the unveiling of this year's NCAA Tournament field comes question upon question. Should so and so be a 1 seed over so and so? Should so and so be seeded that low?

But the most commonly asked question debated among the talking heads is: Should or shouldn't this team be in the tournament?

This year is no different.

Let's be honest, this year's bubble was very crowded. There were a lot of mediocre power conference teams along with several successful mid-major conference teams sitting on it.

Some questionable teams, of the mediocre power conference variety, made it into this year's tournament. Clearly the selection committee looked at conference strength and strength of schedule more favorably over factors like "the eye test", record and record against top teams.

As a result, the mid-major bubble teams were left out of this year's tournament. In fact, the "first four out" includes four different non-power conference teams: Richmond, Colorado State, Temple, and Old Dominion.

Let's take a look at these four teams and see if they have a legit argument as a snubbed tournament team.

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